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How do TDSC Marketplace dental supply selection and savings stack up?

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 10/3/18 8:47 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

Each practice’s annual dental supply budget is influenced by its size, patient base and technologies, as well as which small equipment is categorized as supplies. Dental supplies have traditionally equated to 4–7 percent of collections. For many general dentists, however, supplies are now equating to 6–7 percent of collections.

For a practice with $800,000 in income that spends 6.5 percent on supplies ($52,000), reducing supply costs by just 20 percent could save $10,400 per year.

Through the TDSC Marketplace, a benefit of CDA membership, shoppers are seeing an average savings of more than 20 percent compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. While the savings have attracted many CDA members, some still have questions about changing their supply sources: Even with a Marketplace catalog of 25,000 dental supplies, will they find the same products they prefer and rely upon? And how much will they really save over the prices they pay today?

Selection and savings case study
The TDSC Marketplace team took a thorough look at a practice based in Rocklin, Calif., which has $1.5 million in annual production, to see how product selection and real-world savings stacked up. The practice owner provided multiple current invoices, representing nearly 300 dental supplies from multiple major suppliers.

Product selection
The team compared the practice’s actual invoices to the Marketplace catalog, which includes 25,000-plus dental supplies only from authorized vendors. Looking at 298 items the practice regularly ordered from other suppliers, the Marketplace carried exact matches or equivalent alternates for 82 percent of them (243 of 298 items).

Savings percentage
Of the 243 products identified in the product selection comparison, 181 were sold in the Marketplace in the exact same volume and quantity. For these identical items, the team sought to capture a precise product-by-product price comparison that reflected the practice’s real-world shopping experience. Therefore, they compared the practice’s potential Marketplace savings, not against MSRPs, but against invoice prices the practice paid to its current suppliers. When the team calculated product-by-product savings on these 181 items, they discovered:

  • No significant savings on 18 items
  • Up to 19 percent savings on 92 items
  • 20-plus percent savings on 71 items
  • 40-plus percent savings on 22 items

With a vast selection of the same products from trusted suppliers, the TDSC Marketplace is delivering real-world savings to CDA members.

Ready to see how the savings will stack up for your practice? Explore the selection of authentic products see clear price listings for every one of them, or contact a Marketplace team member for assistance at 888.253.1223.


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