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Peer-to-peer recommendations for supply savings

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 10/3/18 9:25 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

Have you heard the story about the woodcutter who was so busy chopping down trees that he didn’t take time to sharpen his ax? Perhaps you’ve even become a woodcutter in your own practice. It can be challenging to exit the whirlwind of activity to take the steps that make your practice more effective and efficient.

The good news is that there are opportunities to sharpen your ax every day — especially when it comes to cost reduction and inventory control. It doesn’t require much time or investment to improve purchasing efficiency. As a CDA member, you already have access to supply savings through The Dentists Supply Company’s easy-to-shop site. Set up a account within minutes, explore the expansive online catalog and compare prices on your favorite supplies from trusted brands.

CDA members who have test-driven the shopping site are seeing 20 percent average savings compared to suggested retail prices, and they’re enthusiastically sharing their experiences:

“If you haven’t tried TDSC, give it a try!” says Nava Fathi, DDS, an endodontist in San Jose. “It’s free with your membership. You have nothing to lose.”

“For those who haven’t used, there’s nothing to lose,” agrees Jonathan Ford, DDS, a member dentist from Huntington Beach. He says, “If you’re a member of CDA, you can get free access to the website and compare prices. You’re going to see that you can save on almost all the products that you’re using.”

Many shoppers get started by comparing prices for their most-used supplies: disposables and infection control. These are low-commitment purchases, but the savings can really add up since the products are used at such high frequencies and quantities.

“Start with your disposables,” says Dr. Fathi. “You need to get masks, gloves, suction tips, so try it with your disposables first and see how you like it. The prices may be way less than other companies you’re shopping with ... up to 20 percent and maybe more.”

“The best thing I buy on is the thing I use the most, and that’s gloves,” says Dr. Ford. “I see boxes for sale at other retailers for $10, $12, $15 a box … I know that I can get a box of gloves for $3.59 at Gloves are the number one thing we use, so it’s the number one thing we can save on. It’s something simple, but it’s boxes and boxes of gloves.”

By trying a new shopping site and benefitting from easy savings on supplies, you’ll continue to sharpen your ax. And, the more effective and efficient your team becomes at purchasing, the more resources you’ll have for other areas of practice.

“Why not try?” says Ruchi Sahota, DDS, a member dentist in Fremont. “For anyone who hasn’t tried TDSC, I would encourage them to do so. And if you can save some money, isn’t that wonderful?”

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