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Stress-free price comparisons that lead to supply savings

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 9/20/19 12:30 PM
The Dentists Supply Company

Want to save on supplies and small equipment, but don’t have the time to comparison shop? The Dentists Supply Company will do the work for you. Through TDSC’s free service, association members can submit invoices from their current suppliers and let experts find the savings potential on their behalf.

The TDSC team analyzes product-by-product pricing to show how prices stack up against actual prices paid elsewhere. The result is a custom price comparison that illustrates just how much a practice could save on the exact same supplies.

Through collective buying power, members of organized dentistry nationwide continue to see the savings add up. Here are four recent case studies from shoppers: 

Case study 1: General dentistry practice in Charlotte, N.C.*

Evaluating this practice’s invoiced items from a major national supplier, the TDSC team found a 14% savings on exact matches, reducing the practice’s total cost from $2,570.74 to $2,202.89 for the same supplies.

Of note:

  • 14% average savings ($367.85) on a single order of 25 items
  • $21 savings on Kerr Corp HarmonizeTM Nanohybrid Composite UnidoseTM Tips (20/pkg.)
  • 55% savings on Medicom SafeBasicsTM Saliva Ejectors (105/pkg.)

Additionally, the practice would pay no shipping fees through, as shipping is free on every order with no minimum purchase requirements.

Case study 2: Pediatric dentistry practice in Boulder, Colo.*

This Colorado practice submitted invoices from the same major supplier as the North Carolina practice. The TDSC team compared prices and found an impressive 22% average savings for exact product matches. This means that the practice would spend $1,830.64 at instead of spending $2,341.14 elsewhere for the same items.

Of note:

  • 22% average savings ($510.50) on a single order of 20 items
  • $18.56 savings on Microbrush Corp Microbrush® Tube Series (100/pkg.)
  • 43% savings on Biotrol Birex Quat Disinfection Wipes (160/pkg.)

Like many practices, this one could see savings add up on disposable and infection-control products. For large nitrile exam gloves, offers 29% savings compared to the other supplier’s invoiced price (a $6.32 difference). And, with the practice ordering eight boxes at a time, that means more than $50 savings on a glove order alone.

Case study 3: General and cosmetic dentistry practice in Richmond, Va.*

The TDSC team’s invoice evaluation revealed 16% average savings for exact matches, meaning that the practice would spend only $5,063.43 at instead of $6,007.85 elsewhere for the same items.

Of note:

  • 16% average savings ($944.42) across 27 items, plus free shipping
  • $20.29 savings on 3M ESPE Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative Capsules (20/pkg.)
  • 83% savings on Plasdent Corp HVE Suction Tips (100/pkg.)

As in the second case study, this practice could realize significant savings when ordering infection-control supplies and other frequently restocked items. For the same disinfecting towelettes, offers 27% savings (a $3.64 difference per canister), which adds up to nearly $175 in savings when the practice orders 48 canisters at a time.

Case study 4: General dentistry practice in Nevada County, Calif.*

For this California practice, the TDSC team found 18% savings on exact matches from another major supplier. The practice’s total cost would be reduced from $2,014.75 to $1,644.93 by shopping

Of note:

  • 18% average savings ($369.82) across 19 items, plus free shipping
  • $60.82 savings on one 3M ESPE RelyXTM Unicem 2 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement-ClickerTM Refill
  • 53% savings on Plasdent Corp Excellent-II Disposable Impression Trays (12/pkg.)

Join dental association members who are seeing their practices’ true savings potential. Request your free, custom price comparison at


* Price comparison based on an actual customer who purchased a comparable product within the past 12 months. All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners in the United States and abroad.


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