News and Press dental supply case studies: Three CDA members’ orders

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 10/3/18 8:58 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

Through, a website designed to deliver group purchasing discounts on dental supplies to CDA members, shoppers are seeing 20 percent average savings compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices.

For many practices, supplies now commonly equate to 6–7 percent of collections. An office with $800,000 in income that spends 6.5 percent on supplies ($52,000) could save $10,400 per year by cutting supply costs 20 percent.While the website has already surpassed $1 million in member savings, those new to the site are also interested in the level of cost control compared to their current suppliers.

Selection and savings case studies 

For an apples-to-apples evaluation, the team took a thorough look at several practices across California that have different production volumes and dental supply needs to see how selection and savings stacked up. The practice owners provided actual invoices that reflected the purchase of specific popular products from multiple major suppliers. The team then compared invoice details to the catalog of 25,000-plus products.

For identical items, the team captured precise product-by-product price comparisons. Then, they calculated the practice’s potential savings, not against MSRPs but against actual prices the practice paid to other major suppliers within the past six months.

Case study 1: CDA member-dentist practice in Montclair, Calif.

Looking at 25 of this practice’s frequently ordered products from a major national supplier, offered significant savings on every one. In fact, savings averaged 21 percent for exact product matches. This reduced the practice’s order total of $1,992.30 with the major supplier to $1,569.86.
Of note:

  • $422 total savings on a single order of 25 items
  • $52 savings on one bottle of comfort bond/desensitizer
  • 32 percent savings on bite registration trays
  • 34 percent savings on mixing pads

Additionally, there were no shipping fees through as shipping is free on every order.

Case study 2: CDA member-dentist practice in Fairfield, Calif.

Looking at 23 of a different practice’s frequently ordered products from the same major supplier as the first case study, averaged 25 percent savings. This reduced the practice’s order total of $6,367.81 with the supplier to $4,756.93 for exact product matches.
Of note:

  • $1,610 total savings on an order of 23 items (80 units)
  • $570 savings on one value pack of automix cement
  • $288 savings on trimming and finishing burs (10 units)
  • 67 percent savings on applicator brush kits

In addition to the 23 exact matches, four of the practice’s products for which there were not exact matches on the site did have equivalent substitutes in the same volume and quantity. This resulted in 53 percent average savings on these items, including 67 percent on articulating paper forceps.

Case study 3: CDA member-dentist practice in Sebastopol, Calif.

Looking at 26 of this practice’s frequently ordered products from a different major supplier than the first two case studies, savings averaged 25 percent. This reduced the practice’s order total of $6,225.20 with the supplier to $4,710.89 for exact product matches.
Of note:

  • $1,544 total savings on a single order of 26 items
  • $742 savings on one fiberoptic handpiece
  • $188 savings on handpiece attachments
  • 58 percent savings on nonwoven sponges
  • 39 percent savings on ergonomic denture brushes

Two of the practice’s products that did not have exact matches on the site had equivalent substitutes. Equivalent impression materials saved the practice 35 percent and a sickle scaler saved 40 percent.

At the 25 percent savings rate demonstrated in this case study, the practice’s annual level of savings could be $13,000 for the same quality products from authorized vendors.

  • Compare products and prices at or call a TDSC team member at 888.253.1223 for a savings comparison that’s personalized to your practice.


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