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4 Reasons to Buy Dental Supplies Online

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 10/18/21 9:30 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

Ordering supplies and keeping track of inventory is a never-ending job. As a busy dental professional, you may be wondering what is the most efficient way to order supplies. There's usually three ways to order dental supplies – through full-service distributors, ordering from an online distributor, or from a 3rd party sellers on marketplaces. Here we cover four reasons why ordering supplies from an online distributor may be the best choice for you and your practice.

Consistent Pricing

When you buy supplies through full-service distributors, your prices may vary. Complex pricing agreements can make it difficult to have consistent pricing every time you order. According to researchers and three case studies:

  • Each practice that shopped the same supplier was charged a different price.
  • Prices were significantly different depending on the state where the practice was located.
  • Prices differed from practice to practice when shopping the same supplier in the same state.
  • Dentists in some cases were charged more than the MSRP price.

When you buy dental supplies online, it's easy to see the price you'll pay. believes in price transparency. You'll pay the same price as your colleague down the street no matter where your practice is located.

Supply Shopping Made Easy

Do you currently order supplies through a full-service distributor? It can be difficult to schedule a time to meet with a sales rep when your waiting room is full of patients.

Sales reps are incentivized to meet monthly sales goals. Making a sale may influence how they work with you.

Have you ever received the wrong product from a rep? Ordering mistakes can be frustrating and take time to resolve.

When you buy dental supplies online, you can quickly see the product and the price you'll pay, saving you time and effort. offers a Supplies Savings Guide that shows how much you can save compared to the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP).

Plan Your Purchase Before You Buy

When you can view prices online, tracking and controlling a budget is easier. At, ordering your dental essentials is fast and efficient, making it easy to stay on top of inventory levels.

You can quickly reorder supplies by creating a shopping list on our website. Go to "Saved Lists" under "My Account" to save a list of products you buy most often.

Some ideas on list categories include: “Weekly practice essentials”, “Impression materials”, or “Monthly stock-up items”.

Buy From an Authorized Dealer

Buying dental supplies from a third-party online seller might seem like a good way to save money but, what if your new handpiece arrives broken or stops working? Did a product warranty come with the purchase?

It can be difficult to obtain a refund from a third-party online seller. They may blame the distributor or manufacturer for the issue.

Make sure you are purchasing from an authorized dealer before you buy. An authorized dealer is a business authorized to offer and sell a product for another company. How do you know if an online dental supplier is selling gray market or counterfeit products? Here's a few tips –

  1. The price is too good to be true. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Using an inferior quality product in your practice isn't work the risk.
  2. Compare the package design and the product specifications to the name brand product. Are they different? If so, it's a red flag.
  3. Is the product is being offered by a non-dental dealer? If so, take a pass. It's best to purchase dental supplies from an authorized dealer.

If you purchase from a non-authorized seller, the product isn’t usually covered under the manufacturer warranty. Plus, non-authorized sellers often sell "B Stock" products. "B Stock" items are often refurbished – not new. offers members the best way to save on dental supplies. Plus, shipping is free over $99!


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