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Case study: $50,000+ supply savings

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 3/12/20 7:49 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

What would your practice do with an extra $10, $20 or $50,000? You may have already been dreaming about how you’d like more money to invest in part-time staff or new technology, offset the hardship of low reimbursement rates, reduce your work hours or boost your retirement goals.

If you’re like many association members, you know how controlling your overhead expenses can mean more dollars to spend on the things you care about. For Richard Barnes, DDS, of Visalia, Calif., savings on dental supplies alone have allowed him to treat more patients with special needs in his surgery center.

In fact, Dr. Barnes has saved more than $50,000 on dental supplies since 2017, just by shopping online with The Dentists Supply Company. Barnes owns two practice locations and a separate surgery center, and he’s been enjoying the negotiated discounts and free shipping that are available to practices of every size through

Barnes’s office team has been shopping since soon after it launched. In that time, Barnes has benefitted from 20% average savings compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices ― and often a higher level of savings when compared to what he had been paying other vendors. With orders in excess of $83,000 in 2019, he saved more than $16,000 last year compared to MSRP alone.

Barnes’s office has transitioned a significant amount of its dental supply shopping to, ordering from 23 of the site’s 29 categories. Barnes has seen consistently low prices on recurring orders for the infection control, preventives, adhesives, cosmetic dentistry, and dispensing and mixing products that make up 60% of his shopping. And, the deals have been even more remarkable on select products, like an 80% savings on an amalgam separator and 70% savings on HVE suction tips.

“Not only has the selection grown, but the search engine has greatly improved to make it even easier to find the exact products we need,” shares Dr. Barnes.

His office team has been placing two to three orders every month since 2017,  consolidating purchases into larger orders to gain efficiency along the way. With’s Saved List feature, the team can manage custom lists of frequently ordered supplies for each location. Then, reordering is as quick as a few clicks down the list.

As a benefit designed just for members of organized dentistry, TDSC is delivering practice-changing savings through collective buying power. With now available to state dental association members in all 50 states, Barnes encourages his peers and colleagues to try the shopping site for themselves.

“There’s no downside!” says Barnes. “It’s all good.


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