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Celebrate Earth Day every day with eco-friendly supplies

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 3/12/20 7:47 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

While practice owners are always looking to do good for their patients and their communities, it can seem overwhelming to do good for the whole planet. Know that choosing eco-friendly dental supplies is an easy way to start. Let’s address some common misperceptions about “going green” and help your practice stock up on supplies you can feel good about.

Myth 1: Green supplies are more expensive.

Myth busted: As a state dental association member, you have access to negotiated discounts on eco-friendly supplies and small equipment through The Dentists Supply Company’s shopping site. Benefit from 20% average savings* and free shipping on every order at Plus, use the site’s quick compare tool or free price comparison service to find savings on your favorite items.

Myth 2: Green supplies are harder to find.

Myth busted: carries a broad selection of supplies and small equipment that can be searched by manufacturer number, keyword or category. Just look for the orange leaf symbol next to select environmentally friendly supplies and the “recycling” triangle symbol next to products that contain recycled materials or packaging. Discover new green supplies from trusted brands like EcoBee and PureLife Dental.

Recycled materials. Protect natural resources and your supply costs with reduced or recycled product packaging. PureSkin Latex PF Exam Gloves are just one of PureLife’s many disposable and infection control products that uses at least 70% recycled materials for its boxes, and they’re manufactured on a line that’s powered by biofuels. BeeSure 90° Right Prophy Angles from EcoBee are latex-free, made of 50% recycled plastic and designed to fit all standard-size handpieces.

Environmentally friendly. Preserve the health of your patients, dental team and planet with products that are responsibly designed. PureLife Biological Evacuation Line Cleaner works in hot or cold water to provide residual action against bacteria using only natural deodorants, and it can be used in amalgam separators that help your practice comply with EPA standards. And, the brand’s popular Sterilization Pouches are printed with environmentally friendly lead-free ink.

Myth 3: Green supplies don’t make a big difference.

Myth busted: Just by looking at your own practice’s exam glove orders, you can multiply the impact of making the switch to a greener brand. But your choice of dental supplies can be a gateway to building an eco-conscious practice. Continue making a difference with energy-efficient lighting, digital record-keeping, efficient waste disposal processes and non-toxic office products.

Explore the savings on green supplies from brands you trust today. Start shopping at


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