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Dentists collectively save $5M on dental supplies at

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 8/5/19 8:20 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

In June, The Dentists Supply Company’s online shopping site,, celebrated the second anniversary of its launch to CDA’s full membership.

Now, there’s a new milestone to celebrate: In July, reached $5 million in combined shopper savings driven by the recent expansion to association members in 47 states. The expansion has accelerated real savings for all members, as more shoppers has meant more collective buying power through negotiated pricing. While savings vary by product, practices of every size are consistently seeing an average savings of 20% compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices on a broad selection of dental supplies and small equipment.

In these “five lists of five,” we recognize a few of the greatest contributions to the $5M savings milestone.

5 things about TDSC you might not know

TDSC’s 24/7 shopping site (with free shipping on all orders) offers a different way to shop for dental supplies — one that benefits member dentists. Did you know:

  1. TDSC was founded by dentists for dentists.
  2. TDSC is a free benefit to tripartite members.
  3. Products from more than 350 manufacturers are sold through
  4. TDSC offers consistent, competitive pricing regardless of practice size.
  5. Dedicated customer care is available to answer your questions.

5 bestselling product categories

At, shoppers have a selection of nearly 40,000 from authorized sources only — that’s a growth of 60% since the site’s launch in February 2017. Products span 26 categories, from adhesives to X-ray materials, but the bestselling products year-to-date are in these five categories:

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry Products
  2. Disposable Products
  3. Impression Materials & Accessories
  4. Infection Control
  5. Pharmaceutical Products

5 favorite brands

A wide range of popular brand-name favorites and alternative brands are available at And as TDSC’s price comparison studies have shown, practices don’t have to sacrifice the supplies they love or the brands they trust to control costs. Here are shoppers’ five favorite brands at

  1. 3M ESPE
  2. Dentsply
  3. PureLife Dental
  4. Kerr Corp
  5. GC America

5 top shoppers in California

Where do shoppers live and practice in California? All over the state! Together, these five shoppers have saved over $120,0001 by purchasing dental supplies through

  1. Richard Barnes, DDS (Tulare-Kings County)
  2. James Stephens, DDS (Mid-Peninsula)
  3. Nicholas Marongiu, DDS (San Diego)
  4. Jeffrey Krueckel, DDS (Central Coast)
  5. Phillip Grossman, DDS (San Joaquin)

5 top shoppers outside of California

Members of organized dentistry in 47 states are now saving significantly on dental supplies purchased through And savings are expected to reach all 50 states by the end of the year. Here are the five top shoppers outside of California as of July 11, 2017:

  1. Chris Collins, DDS (Wash.)
  2. Ross Simonds, DDS (Wash.)
  3. Chad Galbraith, DDS (Wash.)
  4. Clinton Winters, DDS (Utah)
  5. Konstantinos Harogiannis, DDS (Colo.)
  • Explore your free member benefit at and, together, let’s reach the next savings milestone.


All shopping statistics are year to date, unless otherwise noted.
1 Total amount of savings off list price for all five shoppers is based upon purchases made from February 1, 2017, to July 11, 2019.


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