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Intraoral Scanners and Accessories

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 5/6/24 12:06 PM
The Dentists Supply Company

Digital dentistry has become a reliable and outstanding alternative to the traditional dental practice. The development of intraoral scanners allows dentists to improve their workflow and patient satisfaction.

Although many brands are available in the market, at The Dentists Supply Company, we make sure to provide you with only high-quality equipment. For this reason, we offer the Medit Intraoral Scanner series, the perfect solution for every dentist who wants to upgrade their practice.

In this article, we will talk about intraoral scanners and end-to-end procedures involving them.

Medit Intraoral Scanners

Medit is a company that specializes in intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM solutions. Their technology provides accurate 3D measurements that ensure treatment success.

Unlike most brands, the high-end technology inside these scanners allows dentists to connect to the computer wirelessly or using a single delivery cable while having modern scanner features.

At, we offer you the following Medit Intraoral Scanners:

  • Medit i600
    The Medit i600 has a scanning frame of 35 FPS. It is equipped with adapting anti-fogging technology to ensure high-quality scans. It is also lightweight and easy to handle.

    Its tip can withstand 100 autoclave cycles. Furthermore, you can upgrade your set by buying a specialized tip that withstands up to 150 cycles.
  • Medit i700
    The Medit i700 has an enhanced scanning frame of 70 FPS, making it ideal for most situations. It also features the same adaptive anti-fogging technology. Likewise, its standard tip can withstand 150 autoclave cycles.
  • Medit i700 Wireless
    The wireless version of the Medit i700 has the same power as its regular counterpart. However, it does not need to be plugged via cable to the computer, reducing the amount of items necessary for a scan.

Improved Workflow and In-office Solutions for Patients

Intraoral scanners allow dentists to mill their restorations, such as crowns and inlay/onlays, in the office without requiring a dental lab. This advantage improves the workflow drastically as the patient does not need to wait several days for the restoration.

The dentist simply needs to perform an intraoral scan and process it using specialized software. Afterward, the dentist can design the restoration digitally and mill it on a machine.

Additionally, it is possible to print a 3D model of the scan using a specialized resin. This procedure allows the dentist to obtain a physical model of the patient’s mouth without the need for putty and a cast. Furthermore, the professional can also make retainers, clear aligners, and mouthguards using this technology.

Fortunately, we offer you all the dental supplies needed for this on

Authorized Source for Trusted Brands

When buying dental supplies, it is highly recommended to do it from an authorized source for trusted brands. Only brands with a long successful trajectory, such as Dentsply Sirona, Kerr, 3M, and Henry Schein, can guarantee the quality of their products.

At The Dentists Supply Company, you can find all these high-quality brands and more.
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