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Members save on dental supplies through TDSC

Posted by The Dentists Supply Company on 10/3/18 8:42 AM
The Dentists Supply Company

The savings were so significant the first time Richard Barnes, DDS, and his staff compared dental supply prices on TDSC that they thought there had been a mistake. Barnes, a Visalia dentist with three offices, including a surgery center, compared Marketplace prices to what he regularly paid for supplies and saw a 25 percent savings.

“That works out to about $1,000 a month just for my private practice. The TDSC Marketplace is so much more cost effective than any other company I am using,” said Barnes. “This is exciting and gives me confidence that I can [continue to] make the best choices for my patients while feeling pressure from insurance companies that want to reduce reimbursement for services.”

Barnes is among the growing number of CDA members purchasing dental supplies online through the TDSC Marketplace, a shopping site that offers discounts based on the buying power of the association’s large membership. The Marketplace is part of CDA’s new subsidiary, The Dentists Service Company, which supports CDA members with the business side of practice by offering group purchasing and practice management services. Members who are licensed to practice in California can shop the Marketplace by simply logging in at, where they can find more than 25,000 products across 32 categories.

“Members asked for services to help them be more competitive and efficient. The TDSC Marketplace is saving dentists, including myself, an average of 20 percent, depending on their purchases,” said James Stephens, DDS, chair of TDSC Board of Directors and past CDA president. “The more members we have buying through our group purchasing program, the more savings we’re able to negotiate, which in turn can be passed along to patients.”

Jonathan Ford, DDS, is one of the first CDA members to buy his dental supplies through the Marketplace. The Huntington Beach dentist says he easily found the products he uses, and the free two-day shipping sold him on the service. He says he sees prices that are 20–40 percent lower on many items.

“It’s awesome! In six months, I have saved $4,000 compared to the retail price,” said Ford, who estimates he now purchases 90 percent of his dental supplies through the Marketplace.

At Ford’s practice, one of his team members is in charge of adding products to his online shopping cart throughout the week. His office also takes advantage of TDSC’s subscription feature for automatic deliveries of gloves, gauze and suction tips on the schedule they choose so they “never have to worry about running out.”

Ford also praised TDSC’s customer service team for adding products to the Marketplace upon his request.

“If a product isn’t available, I email the Marketplace team, and they usually add the product within days if they are able to,” said Ford. “The customer service has been outstanding.”

Ford observed that e-commerce has affected every aspect of retail, and it was just a matter of time before it impacted health care and dentistry. TDSC’s Marketplace offers dentists the same products and supplies they currently use at significant discounts that can make a difference in business.

“Members have told me that their Marketplace discounts have significantly offset the cost of their tripartite membership dues,” said Stephens.

Purchasing through the TDSC Marketplace offers members a higher level of control over their dental supplies while supporting organized dentistry. The sentiment is echoed by dentists who have experienced the savings firsthand.

“I have told other CDA members that I’m very excited to save money, get my supplies at a lower cost with free shipping and receive great customer service,” said Barnes. “I want them to try it. I want them to find out how much they can save.”

Shop the Marketplace to compare prices on your dental supplies and enjoy Marketplace savings.


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